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Order high quality breads, pastries and cakes from our Leeds Supplier and pick up from our cafe.

Bondgate Bakery Items

  • Fruit Teacake

    English Muffin

    Large Granary Bloomer

    Large Light Rye Bloomer

    Small Granary Loaf

    Large Granary Loaf

    Small Rye Loaf

    Large Rye Loaf

    Small Sourdough

    Large Sourdough

    Nutty Farl Teacake

    Olive Ciabatta

    Tomato Ciabatta

    Quarter Focaccia

    Half Focaccia

    Full Focaccia

    Pain au Chocolate


    Sausage Rolls

    Large Vegetarian Quiche

    Half Vegetarian Quiche

    Large Bacon Quiche

    Half Bacon Quiche

    Tomato & Lentil Slice (V)

    Lentil Burger (PB)

    Mushroom Burger (V) 

    Cauliflower & Halloumi (V) Burger


    Orange & Almond Slice (GF)

    Raspberry Frangipane (GF)

    Sultana Scone

    Cherry & Ginger Scone

    Apricot Crumble (PB)

    Raspberry Crumble (PB)

    Date Crumble (PB)

    Blackberry & Apple Pie (large)

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